Internation Book AwardMore than Cashflow was honoured to be an award winning book in the 2014 International Book Awards.

More Than Cashflow BookAmerican Book Fest announced the winners and finalists of THE 2014 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (IBA) on May 21, 2014. Over 300 winners and finalists were announced in over 80 categories. Awards were presented for titles published in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Keen says of the awards, “The 2014 results represent a phenomenal mix of books from a wide array of publishers throughout the world. With a full publicity and marketing campaign promoting the results of IBA, this year’s winners and finalists will gain additional media coverage for the summer season.”

Keen adds, “IBA’s success begins with the enthusiastic participation of authors and publishers and continues with our distinguished panel of industry judges who bring to the table their extensive editorial, PR, marketing, and design expertise.”

AMERICAN BOOK FEST covers books from all sections of the publishing industry—mainstream, independent, & self-published. More information can be found at http://www.AmericanBookFest.com


  • Keep More Cash in Your Pocket with These Four Negotiation Tactics

    Keep More Cash in Your Pocket with These Four Negotiation Tactics

    Negotiate Your Real Estate Deal“Congratulations, they accepted your offer!”

    Those are the sweet words that we all want to hear as investors.

    Who hasn’t paced the room, checking their phone 20 times in 5 minutes, unable to focus on any conversation, just waiting for the seller’s counter offer?

    Closing the deal and taking possession are exciting moments, but it is the negotiating of the deal that gets your adrenaline racing; The sheer happiness you feel as you jump for joy when the realtor calls with the news you have been waiting for. Or, facing the loss if a competing offer wins.

    But, you can …

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  • Does Your Real Estate Website Suck?

    Does Your Real Estate Website Suck?

    Wind-vs-SunHave you heard this story?

    The sun and the wind were hanging out watching a man working in a field. They were bored so they decided to see who could get the guy to take his jacket off first.

    The wind steps up and says “I am strong … you watch this”.

    He blew as hard as he could. He huffed, puffed and gusted, but the guy actually zipped up his jacket and wrapped his arms around his body to hold the jacket tighter.

    The sun smiled and said “I’ve got this.

    He pointed himself right …

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  • Why You’re Not Reaching Your Goals (and the simple fix)

    Why You’re Not Reaching Your Goals (and the simple fix)

    Reaching Your Goals A scientist named Roy Baumeister did a study where he had students fast for a time before they came to his lab. When they arrived, the entire lab smelled like freshly baked cookies. When they sat down, there was a a bowl of cookies and a bowl of radishes placed in front of them. One group was allowed to eat the cookies, while the other one was only allowed to eat radishes.

    While none of the radish group cheated, they stared longingly at the cookies. Some even touched and smelled them.

    Afterwards, the students were then brought to a different …

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  • Joint Ventures with International Investors

    Joint Ventures with International Investors

    You already know real estate joint ventures are one of the best ways to grow your real estate portfolio when you need additional resources. It’s a fairly straightforward process if you’re working with a fellow Canadian, but what if your money is coming from someone in a different country? How does a joint venture work with international investors, and what are the tax implications you should consider before you move forward? We asked George E. Dube, an accountant in the Toronto area who specializes in working with real estate investors, for advice to help you out!

    international investor joint ventureWhat happens when …

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  • How to Get It All Done as a Busy Real Estate Investor

    How to Get It All Done as a Busy Real Estate Investor

    Get it all done Six years ago, on November 1st, I left my job to focus on real estate investing and building Rev N You.

    It feels like a lifetime ago that I had to be at work by 8am. I don’t even use an alarm most mornings unless I am going to an early morning class at Crossfit.

    But it really feels like yesterday that I was begging for extra vacation time, sneaking off to handle real estate stuff mid-day, working all weekend on a deal or a renovation, or meeting with Dave for hours at Starbucks discussing what our next move was.…

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  • What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your First Investment Property

    What You Need to Know Before You Buy Your First Investment Property

    First Investment PropertyBad tenants, large maintenance bills, and insurance claims all piled up to over $90k in damages on my first investment property. It was not what I had planned.

    When I started real estate investing, I went straight for the deals where the numbers crunched out perfectly. But, I soon learned numbers weren’t the only consideration.

    Picking your first investment property can be a daunting task. I felt exactly like this when I bought my first investment property eight years ago. However, if you start by taking the time to build a solid foundation of knowledge, you’ll be ahead of many …

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  • My Greatest Fear Happened

    My Greatest Fear Happened

    Very disappointed – No real practical advice“. ~ Amazon.ca reviewer of More than Cashflow.

    One Star ReviewOne of my greatest fears has now happened. I received my first one star review on Amazon.

    It’s ok if you’re laughing. It is silly to fear bad reviews … but, I have often felt a huge fear of judgement.

    I know it’s not just me with this fear.

    Public speaking is one of the greatest fears in North America. It’s not because people fear opening their mouth and letting words come out. Most of us do that quite easily; some maybe a …

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