Real Estate Investing Training – May Special

Real Estate Investing – If Done Right – Can Help You Create A Life You Love

Summer School Real Estate Investing TrainingIt’s not overnight … it takes time. And, real estate is only part of the vehicle to get you where you want to go.

But you have to start … and often knowing WHERE TO START … WHAT TO DO … is the most confusing and frustrating part.

If you:

  • Have felt stuck because you can’t figure out what market will be the best one to invest in,
  • Have found a deal you thought would be a good one but you weren’t sure so you walked away,
  • Have ever worried about how you will get the money to do all the deals you want to do…

This could be just what you need to put a solid real estate investing system in place from the start … with support to help you as you get going.

Because we’ve had so many people who are new to real estate and not sure where to start we’ve decided to offer SUMMER SCHOOL to you right now for 20% off until the end of May.

It’s step by step training that you complete from the comfort of your own home.

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  • Should You Allow Pets in Your Rental Property?

    “It should be illegal to turn away someone because they have a pet”

    Pet Friendly Rentals It was the start of a hot headed debate in a local rental Facebook group I use for promotional purposes when we have a vacancy.

    Landlords chimed in with horror stories of damage while tenants shared their tragic stories of having to give up their beloved four legged family member because there was nowhere to live that would accept the animal.

    Personally I am not a fan of the government telling me what I can do in my rental business so I would MUCH prefer the choice. …

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  • The Ultimate List of the Best Real Estate Investing Clubs in Canada

    Real Estate Investing Clubby Gillian Irving

    I was recently asked at an event, “What are the obstacles I need to overcome in order to take the next step with my real estate business?

    To be honest, my biggest obstacle was in my own head. I had A LOT of fears in the beginning and they were coming at me from a variety of different angles.

    I worried “What if I mess up and my family’s finances become a permanent mess?”, and I had to deal with the rather uninformed opinions of some friends and family who thought I …

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  • 7 Things to Know About Why You Can’t Get Financing at the Bank

    Financing wallIf you are investor who owns several properties or planning on building a portfolio of investment properties, you must have heard about the “financing wall”.

    What is “the wall”?

    Is there really one?

    If there is one, how can you avoid hitting it?

    If you hit it or believe you are about to hit it, what can you do?

    The wall simply refers to the maximum number of properties you can finance as an investor.

    Most investors are under the impression that once their portfolio reaches five properties; they will no longer be able to grow their portfolio. Others have …

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  • How to Stay Happily Married While You Invest in Real Estate Together

    real estate investing as a coupleStanding at the front of the room of the workshop I was teaching for Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s Investor Forum, I jokingly said “Dave’s not here so I can totally blame this one on him …

    Everyone laughed as I shared a quick snippet from More than Cashflow about our two lemon properties we owned in Niagara Falls. I was making a joke, but it wasn’t even a little funny at the time. Those lemons were one of several major issues that we’ve faced together that nearly tore us apart.

    Investing together as a couple has tremendous rewards.  …

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  • Are You Celebrating Your Real Estate Goals Too Soon?

    The two most dangerous words in the English Language are ‘Good Job’” ~ Terrence Fletcher, instructor in the movie Whiplash (played by J.K. Simmons)

    Real Estate Goal SuccessYou’ve pushed yourself.

    At some point, probably even recently, you had to work really hard to overcome an obstacle. That obstacle could have been finding an investment market area that makes sense for you and your goals. It could be building the right team to help you with a major renovation. Or, it could be finding two new joint ventures to buy four more properties this year.

    Whatever it was, you moved yourself closer

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  • 39 Website Resources for Canadian Real Estate investors

    Getting information off the Internet is like taking drink from a fire hydrant. – Mitchell Kapor

    Websites for Real Estate InvestorsI have a confession to make. I hate the Internet.

    Okay, well maybe that’s not totally true. But I certainly have a love-hate relationship with it.

    On the good days, I marvel at how quickly I can put my finger on a precise fact or figure or locate an invaluable resource for my real estate business. I count my lucky stars at just how available access to great information is.

    Then there are the bad days, when the Internet is like a …

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  • How to Break Up a Real Estate Joint Venture

    Break up a real estate joint ventureWhat if my investor wants out of the joint venture deal?

    Our worst partnership was created when I was more focused on my new career after graduating from my MBA than I was on our real estate portfolio. It was 2004. Dave had begun to dream really big and had met someone to work with on these big plans.

    This guy was a creator and innovator. He had started a company that was growing rapidly and was already winning some business awards. He was an idea man and was well connected to a lot of people with money …

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