So … You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor? Maybe even a Full Time Real Estate Investor

Maybe you already are an investor and you’re trying to figure out how you can make it pay well enough to free you from your daily grind.

We can help you with that … but, I have to warn you, real estate is not always the solution to the problem you’re trying to sovle.

Real estate can help you replace your job. That is very possible. However, it’s going to require that you simply replace your current job with a dozen new jobs: real estate investor, marketer, manager, landlord and property manager, and depending on how much you hire out you could also find yourself as painter, landscaper, cleaner and handyman.

Real estate investing – especially if you want to create a business that is strong enough to replace a salaried income – is very hard work.

It’s not easy … it’s also not overnight but there ARE a lot of ways to make money and make it with less effort! I’ve got a free report to help you figure it all out … All About Becoming a Full Time Real Estate Investor … Step by step …

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Dave Peniuk and Julie Broad

Hi, I’m Julie Broad. Me and my Husband and Partner Dave Peniuk have been successfully navigating the uncertain waters of the Real Estate Market together for over twelve years. Now, we want to help people just like you attain the success that you deserve.


In our newsletter we’re going to share with you our, on the ground, guerilla tactics and strategies that we teach people all over the country on everything from:


For Sale Finding the very best deals just lurking around out there. (maybe
right around the corner from you!)
For Sale How to find and create relationships with the right
partners for long term mutual success.
For Sale How to “get the money” – There is an unlimited amount of cash out there to use for your deals, you just have to know how to ask for it! We will help you with that.
For Sale How to develop your own personal strategy and game plan
that fits your future goals, that matches what’s happening
in the market at this very moment.
For Sale PLUS all the other things that you need to know, from Taxes, Finance,
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The Lies we Tell Ourselves as Investors: How these costs us thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours & what you can do to change that RIGHT NOW.


How much money you need to quit your job and 3 steps to do just that.


5 Strategies to make more money … including additional resources to help you get started now.


4 Ways to Fund Your Deals – buying nice homes in good areas that attract fabulous tenants – and none of these funding methods require you to have cash or be able to qualify for financing.


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