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The Rev N You Team is determined to get you to the next level in real estate investing. Whether that’s sharing our best tips, guiding you through our courses, going over a business plan / doing a portfolio review, finding deals together or just getting to know each other!

We believe real estate investing can help people live the life they love if they choose to take action and are serious about their financial future.

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When I reached out to Rev-N-You a year ago, I was looking for guidance on how to approach my next investment. Having already purchased one property some years before with mediocre success, I wanted to implement a tactical strategy on my future investments. I was fortunate enough to align with Gary from Rev-N-You and I haven’t looked back. He’s given me the education to succeed through the REAP program, as well as the 1 on 1 coaching necessary for success in the real estate investing game. The ability to draw on the knowledge of an expert when you’re unsure of the next move is INVALUABLE!

Taking away only 1 insight from an industry expert can honestly save you tens of thousands of dollars. Gary has given me far more than that, and has taught me to implement the proper systems and procedures to run my properties like a business

Jordan Falk

Real Estate Achievement Program Student

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More Than Cashflow

The real risks and rewards of profitable real estate investing

Julie Broad shares her real stories of what it’s truly like to make mistakes and how to make money as an investor in her book, More Than Cashflow.

Property Manager Mindset Book Cover

The Property Manager Mindset

Reduce Stress, Save Time, Earn More Money

Crazy stories and amazing wisdom from a successful property manager, Rev N You’s Gary Spencer-Smith provides incredible insights to run your business from a landlord's point of view in his new book: The Property Manager Mindset.

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