3 Tips for Successful Real Estate Blogging

Real Estate BloggingGetting a blog going is a fantastic way to create credibility, help people get to know you and become known as a real estate expert. The problem is that it is harder than ever to get people’s attention online unless you’re sharing pictures of kids doing cute things or crazy cute cats. It is not “build it and they will come”.

Too many people put up a blog, post a link on Facebook and think that they are going to get blog readers.

Maybe if you are really creative and hit a concept that goes viral that could happen, but that is hard to do. It is much more likely that your Mom will be your biggest fan unless you put in some work to build your audience.

WORD OF CAUTION – A WEBSITE IS NOT FOR ALL INVESTORS: I am not an advocate that all real estate investors need a website. In fact, I think many investors waste precious time on a website when the most important things they should be doing to grow their portfolio are looking at properties, building their expertise and networking. Just like a lot of small business owners waste a massive amount of time trying to perfect a business card instead of focusing on sales and marketing – THE thing that pays the bills – I think many real estate investors lack confidence and spend time on a website that won’t solve their biggest problems: deal flow & funding for deals.

Assuming creating an online presence with a website and blog is a strategic move for you to get to where you want to go (establishing yourself as a specialized expert, helping you get speaking gigs, published articles and create more opportunities for you to find deals and raise money) and it’s worth your time to build your audience, here are three suggestions to get readers and connect with people online.

3 Tips for Successful Real Estate Blogging:

Oh and keep your eyes open in the video … you’ll get to meet one of my coworkers. I had to wake her up though – she was asleep on the job. 🙂

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