Building a Real Estate Investment Business, Investing in the US as a Canadian, and Raising Capital with Marcin Drozdz

Marcin Drozdz is an active investor with a several hundred unit real estate portfolio and has sourced 9 figures of private investment capital for several business ventures.

An entrepreneur of Polish decent, Marcin has gone from working at a private equity firm in his early 20s to starting his own real estate investment business, which fast forward to today is focused on commercial and multifamily real estate acquisitions in the United States.

In our conversation with Marcin we cover 3 distinct areas: building a real estate investment business, investing in the United States as a Canadian, and raising capital. Points covered include:

Marcin’s real estate origin story. What made him want to move from working at a private equity firm to starting his own real estate investment business. The difference between technical work and doing entrepreneurial work, and how Marcin improved as a business owner and operator. Insights into building a real estate investment business. The reasons why Canadians should consider investing in the United States. The types of assets Marcin and his partners are focusing on in the USA Which areas in the USA Marcin focuses on and why, sharing his reasons for being interested in particular markets. Developing an operations team in the USA while living in Canada. Tax implications as a Canadian investing in the USA Differences between American and Canadian markets to be aware of Marcin’s consistent principles for raising capital. Why you should “dig your well before you’re thirsty” The E.A.S.Y. system Mistakes Marcin sees people making when it comes to raising capital. What real estate investors can do to become better capital raisers.

Big thank you to Marcin for joining us on the show!

If you’d like to connect with Marcin further or check out more of his info and education online, find him here!


IG: @realmarcindrozdz

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team

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