Dave Dubeau on Raising Capital and Attracting the Right Partners for YOU

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On this episode of the show, capital raising expert Dave Dubeau walks us through his step-by-step process for raising capital and attracting the right kind of partners to your real estate investing business.

Host Doug Meyers and Dave cover a number of items along the way including:

Getting to know Dave – life experiences, language training businesses, and Costa Rica Transitioning back to Canada and the early days of Dave’s real estate investing career – doing 18 deals in 18 months Why Dave succeeded at real estate investing despite starting at zero Why most people fail at real estate investing The difference between “transacting” in real estate for income and “investing” in real estate for wealth Where to start when it comes to raising capital – WHO you should be reaching out to Dave’s step-by-step marketing strategy for reaching, engaging, and educating the right people What it means to “show and tell instead of sell” Developing your investor presentation Why consistency in your marketing is key How to be seen as an expert in the eyes of your perspective investors Why you need to be wary of posting your deals on social mediaThank you Dave for sharing your valuable knowledge on how to raise capital and attract the right partners to your real estate investing business!

For a great value add, Dave is currently providing his Money Partner Formula eBook for free download available at:


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You can also connect with Dave and learn more about him online at:


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

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