Finish the Year Strong: How to Complete a Quarterly Review and Curate a Great Next 90-Days (Quarterly Review, Planning, and Goal Setting Process)

Do you have a process for reviewing, planning, and setting goals in your life?

In this edition of the show, host Doug Meyers walks listeners through his Quarterly Review, Planning, and Goal Setting Process.

This process is something Doug has worked through and improved over the past 3 years, bringing elements of the process from entrepreneur and business coach Dan Sullivan, Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and some of his own additions, to create an in-depth exercise that if implemented will help you create a clear vision, set priority goals, and determine what a great next 90-days looks like for you.

With this episode you will learn:

The purpose of the quarterly review, planning, and goal setting process – why do this? The importance of uninterrupted, undistracted time to focus when completing this exercise Why a change in location helps facilitate quality results How the combination of intentional time, a quiet location, and undivided attention will maximize the effectiveness of this exercise The 4-step process for quarterly reviewing, planning, and goal setting The 4 prompt questions that force you to reflect, identify, create, and set your next 90-days for success (from Dan Sullivan’s How To Change Your Life in 90 Days) How to use this process to set priority goals for yourself The fatal error that causes most people to fail at achieving their quarterly goals and how to avoid it What to do after you set your quarterly goals: The Weekly Review

With the start of October 2021 approaching, you can take action immediately with this episode and complete a quarterly review, plan, and goal setting exercise so that you can finish 2021 strong and roll into 2022 with positive momentum.

If you’ve got questions about this process please send them via e-mail to:


with the subject line “quarterly process”.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the Rev N You with Real Estate community!

– The Rev N You with Real Estate Team

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