Growing as an Investor while Raising a Family with Carleen Su

This week on the Podcast we’re sitting down with Carleen Su of Tru Capital Real Estate!

Carleen’s journey in real estate investing spans a healthy 19 years and includes investments in duplexes, suited homes, pre-construction condos, limited partnerships, and now townhouse development projects as well.

As the mother of a young family of 3 kids, Carleen strives to find balance between growing her investing business and achieving her investing goals, while raising a family and achieving her familial goals too.

In our wide-ranging conversation we cover:

Carleen’s real estate investing history, with 19 years of investing in various capacities. What it was like to be a young, new investor and overcoming the discomfort of first-time investing (and first-time property management). Insights on the real estate cycle and portfolio management Creating the confidence to try different strategies. The slow and steady approach to growing a portfolio. Transitioning from working in full-time job to working on her investing business Integrating work and life to achieve both investing and family goals. Strategies for prioritizing life and business elements while raising a family, including using a project management software. Current projects Carleen is working on with her investment company, Tru Capital Tips and insights for overcoming doubts in raising capital.

Thank you to Carleen for taking the time to join us on the show!

If you want to find out more about Tru Capital Real Estate and connect with Carleen directly you can find her at:



Facebook: Tru Capital

Instagram: @investorcarleen


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

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