Can You Use Your Intuition as an Investor?

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After a handful of years real estate investing, I reached a point where I could walk into a property and know whether it was a good investment within 60 seconds. No spreadsheets required. Does that mean that I am only using intuition to guide my investing? And, how can I be sure that a deal is a good one? What if you are someone who HAS TO run the numbers to know if it’s a good deal?

Using intuition effectively as an investor was just one of many subjects I discussed with multi-family expert Rod Khleif on his podast, Lifetime Cashflow through Real Estate Investing.

Rod is an interesting and energetic guy. He’s personally managed and owned more than 2,000 units as a multi-family investor, started a $10,000,000 company out of frustration with a lack of solutions to a problem he faced, and currently spends a lot of time (and money) supporting charities and worthwhile causes around his community. When I heard about all that he does, I was pretty excited to get on his podcast show and chat with him.

He had a lot of great questions for me too. In this episode we cover a wide variety of topics … grab your pen and paper to take some notes because you’ll learn: Rod Khleif Podcast

  • How to “build your brand” to attract partners, potential investors, and deals … including specific actions to take to put yourself out there so people call you with deals, money and opportunities.
  • How to use YouTube videos to attract money and deals.
  • Who is your ideal investor, and why it matters.
  • Building trust and authority as a professional real estate investor.
  • Finding the best mentors and using mastermind groups to accelerate your growth and success.
  • The things to know when partnering with family, and
  • What my best piece of advice for creating success in your life is.

Have a listen! It’s episode 46.



Topics we discussed in the episode are also covered here:

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