Investing Where You DON’T Live and Achieving the Time-Freedom Point through Passive Income with Axel Meierhoefer

Joining us on this episode of the RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast is former Air Force Pilot, current Consultant, and Turnkey Real Estate Investor Axel Meierhoefer

Axel was born in Germany and now calls San Diego, CA home. After serving in the Air Force for over 2 decades as an aviator and instructor, he started his consulting company in 2005. As a new business owner, he quickly realized that nobody hands you a retirement plan if you’re running your own company, so he started looking for ways to secure his financial future and discovered real estate investing.

Having established his preferred real estate investing method through studying and diligence, and applying his analytical nature, Axel now mentors people who want to start their investing journey using similar strategies to what has worked for him.

In our conversation together we cover:

Axel’s pre-real estate background: flying fighter jets in the Air Force The translatable skills taken from the Air Force, applied to Real Estate Investing Knowing and mastering the fundamentals so you can notice the differences that matter Why Axel started investing in real estate How to become a turnkey “out-of-state” (or out-of-province) real estate investor, and why it makes sense for Axel over other real estate investing options What is a turnkey real estate investment provider? Developing the relationships you need to build your team What qualifies as a “performing” real estate investment for that meets Axel’s criteria Explaining the qualifying process for a property What is the Time Freedom Point and how long on average does it take to get there? Using equity in your own home to build your investment portfolio The greatest challenge facing would-be investors looking to get started Why Axel is so passionate about his role as a real estate investor and home owner Structuring the time spent on real estate investing activities versus your primary income generator A couple of quality book recommendations Personality based persuasion methods to help encourage people to improve their lives through investing

Many thanks to Axel for joining us on the show! To find out more about Axel you can find him through his Ideal Wealth Grower Platform at:


FB: idealwealthgrower

IG: @idealwealthgrower

Twitter: IdealGrower

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ideal-wealth-grower/

YouTube: Ideal Wealth Grower

Additional Resources and Links:

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Click here: https://idealwealthgrower.com/free/

And watch the series of videos on how to use your Mindset Manual


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

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