Lessons Learned, $18,000 Deals, and Small Town Investing with Ryan Lake

Welcome to another episode of the RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

In this edition of the show we sit down with Ryan Lake, a friend and fellow investor in the Real Estate realm currently living in Edmonton, AB.

Ryan Lake has been involved in real estate since he was 20 years old. Now 32, his portfolio has grown to 7 properties with 10 doors in the markets of Edmonton, Regina, and a little-known town of Esterhazy, SK where his favourite deals are being made and show no sign of slowing down.

He has experience with Buy-and-Holds, BRRR’s, Hard Money Loans, Utilizing registered funds from investors, Direct lending his own money, Investing in LP’s and MICs with others, and creative Joint Ventures.

Ryan works full-time as an Advanced Care Paramedic serving Northern Alberta communities. When he has downtime he loves to travel with his girlfriend Sara-Lynn and make friends from across the world with plans to see every country. he also enjoys the odd patio pint with friends,  reading books, cooking,  green breakfast smoothies,  snowboarding,  passionate about health and fitness, and yearns to learn Spanish.

In our conversation together, Ryan and host Doug Meyers discuss:

Ryan’s origin story for both where he comes from and real estate Finding his way through jobs and early investments, some of which became costly learning lessons Becoming educated in real estate investing Overcoming the imposter syndrome as it relates to creative real estate investing “The Deal” that brought together years of education and previous experiences Shifting his perspective as an investor to “problem solver”  The pros and challenges of investing in small towns including $18,000 deals, cash-flow, lender issues, and knowing the market

Thank you to Ryan for a great conversation and for sharing his experience and knowledge with the show.

If you’d like to connect with Ryan further you can find him here:



Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!


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