Managing Focus Over Managing Time with Kunal Mohindra

BRRR Strategy Expert, Father, and Full-time Pharmacist

Born and raised in India, Kunal Mohindra is a Pharmacist, who moved to Canada in 2009 as a student and went to Halifax to complete his Masters in Health Informatics. He is currently working on a project to implement a provincial computer system, which will have a massive impact on Healthcare delivery in Alberta.

In addition to his full-time pharmacist role, Kunal is the founder and CEO of Divergent Homes. He has transacted over $7 million in real estate, starting as a fix and flip investor in 2016, and now focusing on helping friends and family unlock the power of real estate by investing in legally suited properties in Edmonton.

Kunal loves to give back and inspire others to invest in Real Estate. He is the host of the Edmonton Real Estate Mastermind, which offers a safe place for investors to bring questions and challenges. You can also find him hosting family friendly Open Houses at his projects to facilitate networking within the real estate community.

In our conversation, Kunal and I discuss a number of topics that I’m sure many of our listeners will relate to:

The inspiration, or in Kunal’s case, the desperation that got him started in real estate The journey of becoming a “seminar junkie” Growing and getting over the “employee mindset”…this was a big roadblock for Kunal Adopting an open mindset toward partnerships and sharing Tips on how to network as an introvert Moving from education mode to action mode Approaching COVID as a time to grow your network Managing focus over managing time Mitigating risks in real estate and lifestyle Choosing your partners is like a marriage – think long-term Reasons to start investing in real estate Kunal’s First 3 Steps to get started in real estate investing

We also dig into the real estate investing strategies that Kunal has specialized in, covering in depth the BRRR strategy, and why he made the transition from house flipper to the BRRR strategy expert to build wealth through real estate.

A passionate husband and a super dad to 2 lovely daughters, Kiara and Inaya, Kunal is committed to creating a life by design and aspires to be an enthusiastic life coach to his kids.

Please enjoy this conversation with award winning real estate investor, Kunal Mohindra.

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