Multifamily, Mindset, and Making it Happen with Zac Willms

Zac Willms began real estate investing in 2017 in a hot Ontario market.

Since then, Zac has built up a portfolio of 8 properties with 38 doors, appeared on multiple podcast (including this one!) and presented in seminars to help others, with a focus on the younger generation, learn more about real estate investing.

He has used multiple investment strategies to help his partners and clients increase their net worth and generate solid returns on their money, and along the way has developed a deeper interest in investing in the multifamily asset class.

In our conversation together, Zac shares:

How he got started in real estate investing The person that encouraged Zac to get a proper real estate investing education Surrounding yourself with like minded people to turbocharge your growth The strategies Zac has used to build his real estate portfolio What to do if you’re a young investor that’s trying to get started Multifamily investing: the differences between multifamily and residential real estate investing The General Partner / Limited Partner Structure (GP / LP) How to find multifamily properties that make sense as deals Creating deal flow The tasks you need to be doing all the time if you want to grow a portfolio Identifying red flags and hidden gems in multifamily investing Where Zac invests and why he has stuck to investing in one area The shifting nature of the why Strategies for staying centered including mindfulness, meditation, and healthy living practices Strategies for continued education and personal development

Thank you Zac for taking the time to join the show!

To connect with Zac you can find him here:

IG: @zacwillms

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

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