Supplementing your Portfolio using Stock Options with Cody Yeh

Cody Yeh

Are you in that challenging position many mid-stage real estate investors find themselves in, where you’ve got a number of properties in the portfolio, but not enough cashflow to fund your lifestyle?

This is a common challenge for investors who have built portfolios in markets where, due to higher prices, cashflow on a per property basis is lower.

So what do you do to create cashflow for today without having to liquidate a property and put a dent in your long-term wealth building plans?

Enter Cody Yeh, a former full-time project manager and engineer at Honda, who supplemented his job income and real estate portfolio returns by learning to become a stock options investor. The skills he learned over a period of time allowed him to quit his job at the beginning of 2020, while also allowing him to keep his real estate investments for building long-term wealth and earn income for today.

In this conversation you’ll see how real estate and stock options investing can be worked in tandem to create the best of both worlds: cashflow today and wealth tomorrow.

Talking points include:

Why Cody started investing in real estate. What led to trading stock options after starting out with day trading. How stock options connect to real estate investing and why investors should care. What is a stock option? Real estate investors can’t eat equity, so if there’s not enough cash flow from the portfolio, where’s the money coming from? How trading stock options complements the wealth building aspects of long-term real estate investing. Why trade stock options as opposed to trade stocks (and what’s the difference) Being the “insurance”.  What happens if your option gets exercised. Expected cashflow returns of trading options.  Translatable skills between real estate investing and options trading. How to create scalable risks and returns. How to get started. The most common ways people screw options up: fear, greed, and lack of diligence.

Thank you to Cody for joining us on the show. If you want to learn more about Cody, stock options, and his options training courses, visit:





The Roots of Rev N You with Real Estate with Co-Founder Julie Broad

Julie Broad

Julie Broad is the Co-Founder of Rev N You with Real Estate and the Founder of Book Launchers, which helps non-fiction authors write and market books people will want to read.

As an Amazon Overall #1 Best Selling Author having written titles including More than Cashflow, which topped Amazon, The New Brand You, and her latest book, Self-Publish & Succeed, Julie is a recognized real estate investor, successful entrepreneur, and notable speaker.

Through the late 2000s and early 2010s, Julie and her husband Dave developed Rev N You with Real Estate. What originally was a newsletter highlighting their investing journey eventually grew into a platform for providing level-headed, honest education and insights on the real risks and rewards of real estate investing in Canada, a mission the new faces of Rev N You carry on today.

After investing full-time for a little under 10 years and growing Rev N You into a trusted education provider in the real estate investing education space, Julie and Dave decided to move to the USA to pursue two new ventures: Dave’s acting career, and Julie’s self-publishing company, Book Launchers.

Today, Julie maintains her focus on Book Launchers with a popular YouTube channel in BookLaunchers.TV. Her advice has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo! Business, CTV, the Toronto Sun, Medium.com and many local and national TV shows.

In our conversation we dive into the history of Julie’s real estate investing career and the background of Rev N You, covering:

Julie’s real estate investing origin story How Rev N You came to be.  The need for level-headed, honest real estate investing education. Leaving a 6-figure job and going all in on real estate investing and building Rev N You “Burning the boats” and maintaining the entrepreneurial mentality.  The day-to-day of building a real estate investing education company while also building a portfolio. What it REALLY takes to build and grow a business from the ground up. What precipitated Julie’s transition from real estate into a new business venture. Using real estate to fund her new company, Book Launchers, and her transition down to the United States. What real estate investments have allowed Julie to do after moving forward from Rev N You and being a full-time investor. Julie’s advice for investors who are just starting out Advice for running a real estate investment business. What causes the most stress in real estate. The case for limiting joint venture partnerships

Big thanks to Julie for taking a walk down the Rev N You memory lane. If you’re an aspiring author and want to find out more about how you can publish your own book, reach out to Julie via her website:


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Creative Strategies to Get Deals Done with Andrea Warkentin

Andrea Warkentin

Andrea Warkentin is a former member of the Vancouver Police Department before moving to Red Deer, Alberta and becoming a full-time real estate investor in 2006.

Since that time she has built up a substantial portfolio, buying and selling her own properties over the years. She has transacted over 60 creative real estate deals using seller financing to purchase properties, and has used the rent to own strategy to sell over 50 properties over the past 12 years. She also own multi-family properties and currently her portfolio of rentals in Central Alberta is sitting at 70 doors with a valuation of over 11 million dollars.

Over the past 6 years, she has been helping to teach creative strategies to investors across Canada through her partnership with Barry McGuire, a real estate lawyer of over 40 years in Edmonton, AB. They travel to Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto to teach investors on how to expand their portfolios using techniques such as seller financing, rent to own, options, wholesaling, and joint ventures.

Our conversation dives into Andrea’s vast creative investing strategies experience, including:

Andrea’s investing origin story – from police officer to full-time investor, including her first investment property The noticeable benefits of investing in secondary real estate markets, such as Andrea’s stomping grounds in Red Deer, AB Why go to a secondary market, especially if you live in a more expensive market (Toronto, Vancouver, etc.) Joint venturing to continue to grow by helping others invest in real estate What are “creative strategies” in real estate investing? Why it pays to know how to use creative investing strategies The benefits of creative strategies for investors, sellers, and partners The importance of understanding the legalities of creative strategies to protect your interests How to determine if creative investing strategies make sense to use (hint: motivated sellers!) How long does it take to get your real estate investing business to the level where you can qualify for commercial financing Getting educated in creative strategies so you can educate others, namely sellers How to build a team of professionals to support your business The #1 reason why creative investing strategies are something any investor should learn

Big thank you to Andrea for joining us on the show. If you’d like to connect with Andrea further you can find her in the following places:

Facebook: Andrea Gauntlett Warkentin

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What It’s Like to Build a 350+ Unit Portfolio in 4.5 Years with Jamie and Leslie Collard, Founders of Collard Properties


Jamie and Leslie Collard are a husband and wife team who have spent the last few years building financial freedom through real estate acquisitions.

In 2016, they decided it was time to take control of their future and began creating the life they dreamed of after realizing their financial future was in jeopardy.

They decided to delve into the real estate world by soaking up all there is to know about property acquisitions, private lending and investing through registered funds such as RRSP’s, TSFA’s, etc.

Starting with their first investing in 2017, in only two short (and very busy) years, they developed a portfolio of over 50 rental units which has grown to its current size of 350 units and counting!

Throughout their journey, they have become passionate about sharing with others how they use real estate to build wealth. As true believers that everyone can achieve the same success that they have, they decided they wanted to show people how they did it, so they’ve hosted events, offered coaching programs, and appeared on plenty of shows like this!

In our conversation with the Collard’s we dive into:

The Collard’s real estate investing origin story Where they’ve invested in building a portfolio now with over 350 units  Why they got started in real estate investing How their goals in real estate changed after getting some focused education in investing What it really looks like to build a 350 unit portfolio in 4.5 years . . . the price to be paid not for everyone The importance of building your team and vetting quality team members in order to scale with speed Becoming aware of what you need to see (and have) in order to push forward through obstacles and discomfort What it’s like to transition to using other people’s money to build your portfolio Developing the confidence to bring on investors and lenders in order to grow How long does it actually take, and how much work it takes, to find and vet a good deal What all is included in the Collard’s portfolio and how do they manage it all? What investing strategies they use in different markets to maximize returns Handling the stresses that come with having a lot of business activities on the go, and what they’re doing to improve things Investing in coaching and only working with people who are willing to teach them The future of real estate for Jamie and Leslie

Thank you to Jamie and Leslie for joining us on the show. If you’d like to get in touch with, or find out more about The Collard’s you can find them in the following places:


FB: Collard Properties


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Renovating and Refinancing to Real Rewards with Sarah Larbi

Sarah Larbi

In this episode we’re speaking with a fellow podcaster and real estate investor, host of the popular Where Should I Invest? and The REITE Club shows, Sarah Larbi.

Sarah Larbi specializes in helping take the mystery out of homeownership for Canadians who thought real estate investing was going to be out of reach. She has earned their trust and respect by having the drive and focus to embark, build and grow a 7-figure, 10 property. 14 door, investment portfolio by her mid 30’s all whilst employed full time. She was able to exit the job world as of Fall 2020, only 7 years after buying her first investment property.

Through her various coaching programs, Sarah has helped students go from their first property to planning retirement in around 10-15 years. Her results-oriented approach has been featured in The Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine and 1010 News Talk Radio and she is often a guest on numerous North American finance-focused podcasts.

Hosting two podcasts herself Where Should I Invest? And as co-host on The REITE Club, which have both reached a Top 50 all-time ranking in investing in Apple podcasts, Sarah interviews fellow real estate investors about their strategies and geographical focus, providing audiences with valuable insights and actionable tactics for their own real estate goals.

In our conversation with Sarah we dig into her real estate investing story including:

Why Sarah started investing in real estate The BRRRR strategy: why (and how) Sarah and her partner chose this as their prefered investing strategy to build their portfolio Choosing ONE real estate investing strategy, getting good at it, and then branching out into other strategies Why Sarah started her podcasts – Where Should I Invest? and The REITE Club Common threads shared by successful investors who have appeared on her podcast through the years Leaving her job using real estate and the challenges of a stark work / life change How to use real estate to leave your job and 3 steps you can take to prepare the runway before pulling the plug

Much appreciation to Sarah for joining us on the show. If you’d like to connect with her, find out more about her podcasts or investing experience and resources, visit her online at:


And on instagram:


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the Rev N You with Real Estate community!

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Finish the Year Strong: How to Complete a Quarterly Review and Curate a Great Next 90-Days (Quarterly Review, Planning, and Goal Setting Process)

Rev N You Podcast

Do you have a process for reviewing, planning, and setting goals in your life?

In this edition of the show, host Doug Meyers walks listeners through his Quarterly Review, Planning, and Goal Setting Process.

This process is something Doug has worked through and improved over the past 3 years, bringing elements of the process from entrepreneur and business coach Dan Sullivan, Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, and some of his own additions, to create an in-depth exercise that if implemented will help you create a clear vision, set priority goals, and determine what a great next 90-days looks like for you.

With this episode you will learn:

The purpose of the quarterly review, planning, and goal setting process – why do this? The importance of uninterrupted, undistracted time to focus when completing this exercise Why a change in location helps facilitate quality results How the combination of intentional time, a quiet location, and undivided attention will maximize the effectiveness of this exercise The 4-step process for quarterly reviewing, planning, and goal setting The 4 prompt questions that force you to reflect, identify, create, and set your next 90-days for success (from Dan Sullivan’s How To Change Your Life in 90 Days) How to use this process to set priority goals for yourself The fatal error that causes most people to fail at achieving their quarterly goals and how to avoid it What to do after you set your quarterly goals: The Weekly Review

With the start of October 2021 approaching, you can take action immediately with this episode and complete a quarterly review, plan, and goal setting exercise so that you can finish 2021 strong and roll into 2022 with positive momentum.

If you’ve got questions about this process please send them via e-mail to:


with the subject line “quarterly process”.

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Building Quality Relationships for Investing Success with Marinella Nicolosi

Marinella Nicolosi

“You will attract what you are.” – Marinella Nicolosi

In this episode we’re bringing back a popular previous guest!

Marinella Nicolosi is a private lender with a wealth of experience lending her funds to private investors within the real estate investing space. As she shared in our first episode together (Understanding the Real Risks and Rewards of Private Lending), the key to her success as a private lender is quality relationships.

In chatting with each other further we decided that building quality relationships was worthy of its own show, so we brought Marinella back to have a free-flowing conversation on the subject and to share her insights and perspectives.

Our conversation covers:

Why are relationships so important in real estate investing. How long does it take to develop quality relationships. Why working on yourself is actually the first step in building relationships with others. Accepting the fact that you’re only go to connect with a certain number of people (now it just becomes a matter of finding those people)! What are the fundamental elements of building relationships. Invest time to get to know people…on a non-real estate basis. Tips on how to build a big network of connections. How to have conversations that allow non-real estate relationships to turn into potential real estate opportunities. Educating yourself on how relationships work. Why problem-solving and growing together are great ways to build relationships with others.

Once again, a big thank you to Marinella for joining us on the show! If you enjoyed what you heard and would like to get in touch with Marinella you can find her on Facebook where she is quite active or via e-mail:

Marinella Nicolosi


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Building a Real Estate Investment Business, Investing in the US as a Canadian, and Raising Capital with Marcin Drozdz

Marcin Drozdz

Marcin Drozdz is an active investor with a several hundred unit real estate portfolio and has sourced 9 figures of private investment capital for several business ventures.

An entrepreneur of Polish decent, Marcin has gone from working at a private equity firm in his early 20s to starting his own real estate investment business, which fast forward to today is focused on commercial and multifamily real estate acquisitions in the United States.

In our conversation with Marcin we cover 3 distinct areas: building a real estate investment business, investing in the United States as a Canadian, and raising capital. Points covered include:

Marcin’s real estate origin story. What made him want to move from working at a private equity firm to starting his own real estate investment business. The difference between technical work and doing entrepreneurial work, and how Marcin improved as a business owner and operator. Insights into building a real estate investment business. The reasons why Canadians should consider investing in the United States. The types of assets Marcin and his partners are focusing on in the USA Which areas in the USA Marcin focuses on and why, sharing his reasons for being interested in particular markets. Developing an operations team in the USA while living in Canada. Tax implications as a Canadian investing in the USA Differences between American and Canadian markets to be aware of Marcin’s consistent principles for raising capital. Why you should “dig your well before you’re thirsty” The E.A.S.Y. system Mistakes Marcin sees people making when it comes to raising capital. What real estate investors can do to become better capital raisers.

Big thank you to Marcin for joining us on the show!

If you’d like to connect with Marcin further or check out more of his info and education online, find him here!


IG: @realmarcindrozdz

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Growing as an Investor while Raising a Family with Carleen Su

Carleen Su

This week on the Podcast we’re sitting down with Carleen Su of Tru Capital Real Estate!

Carleen’s journey in real estate investing spans a healthy 19 years and includes investments in duplexes, suited homes, pre-construction condos, limited partnerships, and now townhouse development projects as well.

As the mother of a young family of 3 kids, Carleen strives to find balance between growing her investing business and achieving her investing goals, while raising a family and achieving her familial goals too.

In our wide-ranging conversation we cover:

Carleen’s real estate investing history, with 19 years of investing in various capacities. What it was like to be a young, new investor and overcoming the discomfort of first-time investing (and first-time property management). Insights on the real estate cycle and portfolio management Creating the confidence to try different strategies. The slow and steady approach to growing a portfolio. Transitioning from working in full-time job to working on her investing business Integrating work and life to achieve both investing and family goals. Strategies for prioritizing life and business elements while raising a family, including using a project management software. Current projects Carleen is working on with her investment company, Tru Capital Tips and insights for overcoming doubts in raising capital.

Thank you to Carleen for taking the time to join us on the show!

If you want to find out more about Tru Capital Real Estate and connect with Carleen directly you can find her at:



Facebook: Tru Capital

Instagram: @investorcarleen


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An Empowering Perspective for Facing “Uncertain Times”

Rev N You Podcast

How many times have you heard the phrase “uncertain times”?

If there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that we are always in uncertain times.

In this episode, Rev N You Partner and host of the Podcast Doug Meyers provides an empowering perspective for uncertain times, offering 3 key takeaways to help shift the perspective of uncertain times from a place of concern to a place of confidence.

What did you think of this show? Was it helpful? Useful? Useless?

Let us know by reaching out directly in one of the following places!


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YouTube: Rev N You With Real Estate

From BRRRs to Apartment Buildings with Evan McLeish

Evan McLeish

Evan McLeish is a real estate investor out of Prince George, BC, where he has been investing in real estate for almost 7 years.

He got his start with a fixer-upper, a long-term principal residence turned flip that taught him the power of real estate, as he was able to purchase a turn-key rental property and start a new principal residence project using the proceeds from his first sale. Recognizing that real estate investing was a good path for him, he continued the process of moving into a principal residence, fixing it up, putting in a basement suite, refinancing the property with long-term renters in place, and moving on to the next house.

By completing 6 BRRRs (Buy-Renovate-Refinance-Rent) in Prince George while simultaneously working his job at the pulp mill in Quesnel, Evan was able to build up his asset base in real estate and make sound financial decisions to the point of making the choice to leave his job in February of this year.

Now with the added time he has joined forces with a couple other investors he met in a real estate mastermind group to form NSE Real Estate, a real estate investing firm focused on partnering up with passive investors to invest in multi-family buildings across Canada.

In our conversation with Evan we discuss:

Getting started with zero real estate experience Learning how to renovate to add value to residential homes by leaning on those with more experience The power of delayed gratification Becoming a real estate investor and developing an investor mindset How Evan funded and completed his BRRR projects – the key tactics to successful BRRRs Doug goes on a tangent about doing what it takes to get where you want to go (you must put in the time)! Why the “how” of real estate investing doesn’t matter if you don’t really want to do the work Evan’s take on quitting your job – recognizing when it’s time to leave, what to do in the lead up to leaving, and being prepared Figuring out “what’s next” after achieving a long-term goal, like leaving a job Making the jump from residential renovations to purchasing multi-family properties Who Not How for real estate investing and life Final words of wisdom: picking one thing to focus on and get out of your own wayThank you to Evan for joining us on the show!

Do you want to connect with Evan and NSE Real Estate? Check out the connection points below:

NSE Real Estate on FB: https://www.facebook.com/NSE-Real-Estate-101703502162174

Evan’s FB: https://www.facebook.com/evan.mcleish.3

IG: @nse_real_estate

Or e-mail direct to: McLeish_1@hotmail.com

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Portfolio Management During COVID and Beyond with RevNYou’s Gary Spencer-Smith

Gary and Doug

“If you have the opportunity to get bonus houses, then get bonus houses!” – Gary Spencer-Smith

We’ve been through COVID (hopefully) and there’s signs that the worst of it is behind us, so how did you manage your portfolio during this incredibly unique time?

What are you going to do moving forward to keep your portfolio strong, healthy, and helping you achieve the lifestyle you want to live?

After a brief summer hiatus, RevNYou’s Doug Meyers is back to host another episode with Gary Spencer-Smith discussing how Gary has managed his portfolio over the past 12-18 months, along with some things to look out for as the world continues to (knock on wood) open up again.

Key subjects covered in this episode include:

Personal stories from Gary’s portfolio management over the past 12 – 18 months. The reasons why Gary sold some properties owned with one of his JV partners. How to be a valuable JV working partner in times of uncertainty. Predictions for the future including the cost of doing business, availability of materials, and supply chain delays. Why owning real estate creates financial peace of mind in times of need. How to build a portfolio that has resiliency. The importance of a good joint venture contract. How Gary is using the real estate cycle in different markets to make portfolio management decisions. Two final tips for investors wondering what to do next.

Books referenced in the episode:

Secrets of the Canadian Real Estate Cycle – Don R. Campbell

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team


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Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Private Lending with Marinella Nicolosi

Marinella Nicolosi

“I wanted to do private lending because it fit with my lifestyle.”

Originally from Italy, Marinella Nicolosi moved to Canada in 1996 at the age of 26. Along with being a proud mother of two, she spends her spare time doing things she loves such as cooking, listening to music, walks in nature, interior design and real estate investments. Her interest in art/design started in college where she majored in both Fashion Design and Staging.

Because of her background she had numerous translatable skills to bring to her real estate investments, which have included successfully renovating and selling previous primary residences at major profits.

In 2019 she started focusing on private lending deals which allowed her to maintain her lifestyle while meeting her goals and simultaneously creating new ones for her bright future.

Marinella now has a wealth of experience in the private lending space, and she wants to help other’s get started in lending by understanding how to be a smart private lender.

After getting to know Marinella, our conversation focuses on all things private lending including:

What private lending is Why most people have never heard of private lending Reasons why borrowers would be interested in using private funds for real estate investments What holds people back from becoming a private lender What kind of returns you can expect from different types of private lending investments Understanding the real risks and rewards of private lending What private lenders need to do in terms of DUE DILIGENCE on both potential borrowers and lending opportunities  Marinella’s due diligence process – ALL POTENTIAL PRIVATE LENDERS NEED TO HEAR THIS! What to do if you are lending to a corporation Items to include in your agreements to protect your money and yourself How to source quality opportunities to lend your money Identifying red flags to avoid potential troubles Who private lending is for

Big thank you to Marinella for joining us on the show and sharing her knowledge on this topic! If you enjoyed the show and would like to get in touch with Marinella you can find her on Facebook where she is quite active or via e-mail to:


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

-The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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Understanding the Money Game and The Business of Real Estate Investing with Danielle Chiasson

Danielle Chiasson

“There’s the field, and there’s the office, and they complement each other.”

Danielle Chiasson is a serial entrepreneur known for her work in the field of real estate investing in residential redevelopment and rental housing. Focused in Ontario, her many projects have ranged in scope from light clean-ups to full renovations, as well as legal duplex, triplex conversions, and multi-unit flips.

She works as a general contractor managing various trades & staff, while managing her businesses. She fills her days operating multiple businesses, underwriting properties, balancing finances, managing rental properties, and endlessly educating herself. She is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in Ontario and a member and contributor of several real estate education organizations.

Danielle is passionate about business and real estate, and shares her experience and knowledge with other investors through speaking engagements and various online platforms, and is very excited about re-launching her coaching program in the fall of 2021.

In our conversation centered around two main topics, the business of real estate investing and understanding the money game, Danielle shares:

Her real estate investing origins. Why she started with flipping real estate but shifted to buy-and-hold acquisitions once COVID started. How to work your way through the real estate investing fog (figuring out what investing strategies work best for you). How to adapt a business model based on changing conditions Approaching your real estate investing like a business . . . because it is! The elements of setting up a real estate investing business The office supports the field and they must grow together if you want to scale. Why you should get an assistant and examples of what you can have them do. Tips for scaling a portfolio sustainably Understanding the Money Game of real estate investing. How to create a network of private lenders to help you grow your business by educating others. How debt and credit will help you grow (if used correctly) Why collecting rent puts dollars in your piggy bank. Understanding good debt, bad debt, and leverage

Thank you to Danielle for joining us on the show!

If you enjoyed what you heard and are interested in speaking with Danielle directly, she has set up a link specific for this show where you can sign-up for a one-on-one call with her. Check it out below:


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The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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Using Real Estate to Retire Early with Ryan Koss

Ryan Koss

“If everything fails and I end up with nothing, I’ll figure it out and start again!”

Ryan Koss is a prime example of using real estate to create the lifestyle of his desires. From his early beginnings starting to invest in real estate in 2005, to building up the investment portfolio and cash reserves needed, in this episode Ryan shares his personal story of how and why he used real estate to effectively retire by the age of 30.

Without spoiling all the details, Ryan’s story covers:

The early days of working in Northern Alberta and starting to invest in real estate Why he chose real estate investing over other options The timeline for how long it took him to effectively retire from his job by age 30 Budgeting and costing-out lifestyle requirements 5, 10, 15 years in advance The mindset he used and the actions he took to create the confidence needed to pull the plug and leave his job What the first years of early retirement looked like! The restoration of Volkswagen vans Understanding why you’re investing in real estate Advice for those who are looking to retire early by using real estate investing

If you’re looking to be inspired by a living example of someone who has used real estate to retire early, this episode is sure to do so.

A big thank you to Ryan for joining us on the show and for sharing his story with us!

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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Financing Real Estate Investments with Investor Focused Mortgage Broker Dan Heon

Dan Heon

Dan Heon has been a mortgage broker since 2002, a real estate investor since the mid 1990s and is well-known in the Alberta real estate investment community. He became a mortgage broker when efforts to grow his own portfolio were challenged by conventional lenders.

His office at the Canadian Mortgage Team Alberta has carved out a valuable niche in the Canadian Mortgage Industry, with a specialty in working with people who are committed to their own success by adding real estate to their portfolio.

It’s fair to say that Dan is a mortgage broker that thinks like an investor, because he is one.

With 26 years of experience as an investor and 20 years of experience as a broker, Dan has seen it all, and in our finance focused conversation he shares with listeners his wealth of knowledge in the important areas of:

What new investors starting out need to know when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage on a rental property. Understanding what the banks are looking at  The 2-2-2 rule. What investors can do to ensure they get the YES from lenders. How investors can keep growing – what investors need to do in order to get the banks to say yes to funding more mortgages. The limiting factors that cause investors to hit the financing wall. Why planning and strategizing your financing options is critical to grow a portfolio. The importance of having the RIGHT type of mortgage in place for the investment strategy you are executing. Why the lowest interest rate isn’t the be all, end all, of a good mortgage Dan’s point of view for investors who have hit the financing wall, or can’t qualify on their own to start their portfolio, and how they can attract people who CAN qualify for mortgages to their opportunities

Thank you to Dan for joining us on the show!

If you’d like to get in touch with Dan to see what you could qualify for, or to find out more about investor-focused financing options, you can connect with him via:

Website: www.danheon.com

E-mail: dan@danheon.com

Business Phone: (403)-257-1801

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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Invest Where Returns Are Best! A Wide-Ranging Conversation with Award Winning Investor Deanna Boyden

Deanna Boyden

Deanna Boyden is a real estate investor based in Calgary, Alberta. Alongside her husband Darcy, the two have built a real estate investing business over the years using various investment strategies including Buy and Hold, Flip to Yourself, Agreement for Sale, Rent To Own, Joint Ventures, land development, syndicate mortgages, private lending, purchases of short sales and courthouse auctions, on their way to creating a multi-faceted portfolio of active and passive investments across Canada and the US.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Deanna speaks both to her personal experiences as well as the experiences of Darcy and herself while building a portfolio together. Our conversation includes discussions on:

Building a real estate investment portfolio while working travel and time intensive full-time jobs. Why they chose real estate investments based on lifestyle desires and limitations. How her “why” has shifted over the years Embracing the hard work, overcoming self-doubt, and overcoming challenges while in growing a portfolio How having full-time jobs helped the Boyden’s start a real estate investing portfolio without having to partner with others Identifying what your “superpower” in real estate is… Thoughts on how to position yourself to leave a full-time job Breaking down the strategic planning process. Making macro and micro decisions in order to succeed at long-term plans Why the Boyden’s continue investing in real estate. Developing a coaching and mentoring niche around her experience. Why most people struggle making big decisions in their own lives Deanna’s parting words

Much appreciation to Deanna for joining us on the show! If you’d like to connect further with Deanna you can find her here:


IG: @deannaboyden

FB: Deanna Boyden

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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Multifamily, Mindset, and Making it Happen with Zac Willms

Zac willms

Zac Willms began real estate investing in 2017 in a hot Ontario market.

Since then, Zac has built up a portfolio of 8 properties with 38 doors, appeared on multiple podcast (including this one!) and presented in seminars to help others, with a focus on the younger generation, learn more about real estate investing.

He has used multiple investment strategies to help his partners and clients increase their net worth and generate solid returns on their money, and along the way has developed a deeper interest in investing in the multifamily asset class.

In our conversation together, Zac shares:

How he got started in real estate investing The person that encouraged Zac to get a proper real estate investing education Surrounding yourself with like minded people to turbocharge your growth The strategies Zac has used to build his real estate portfolio What to do if you’re a young investor that’s trying to get started Multifamily investing: the differences between multifamily and residential real estate investing The General Partner / Limited Partner Structure (GP / LP) How to find multifamily properties that make sense as deals Creating deal flow The tasks you need to be doing all the time if you want to grow a portfolio Identifying red flags and hidden gems in multifamily investing Where Zac invests and why he has stuck to investing in one area The shifting nature of the why Strategies for staying centered including mindfulness, meditation, and healthy living practices Strategies for continued education and personal development

Thank you Zac for taking the time to join the show!

To connect with Zac you can find him here:

IG: @zacwillms

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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Growth Requires Discomfort

rev n you podcast Cover Photo

When trying to grow, whether personally, professionally, or in our context within real estate investing, you’ll know you’re on the right path when this key element presents itself:


In this short episode, RevNYou Partner and Host Doug Meyers shares personal experiences of how growth in his portfolio was shaped by discomforts that were worked through, and ultimately overcome, leading to new levels of results in life and in real estate.

Seek discomfort and growth will follow.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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Making Real Estate Investing Work for You with Gary Hibbert of Smart Home Choice

Gary Hibbert

Gary Hibbert is a full-time Real Estate Investor, licensed and award-winning Real Estate Agent, Author, and Educator. In 2008, he made a decision that would be life-changing by purchasing his first investment property. Through hard work and dedication, Gary left the corporate world to become a full-time entrepreneur in 2014. Today, not only does he have a remarkable Real Estate Investing Portfolio and successful businesses, Gary continually inspires the same change that transformed his life, into others.

In the beginning, Gary lived pay cheque to pay cheque as many others do. He had been accustomed to the reality that at the end of the month, there was more month than money. Realizing that there must be another way to make ends meet, he became determined to educate himself and make a change. However, at that point, he hadn’t yet realized that by changing his own life, it would enable him to help 100’s of future investors to their path to finding financial freedom. In 2010, Gary launched Smart Home Choice, a company dedicated to educating new and experienced investors through a focus on SMART goals in order to allow them to make informed decisions in their investing strategies. Currently, Smart Home Choice is one of Durham Region’s largest groups of Real Estate Investors and although the company is continually growing, it offers networking, mentoring, and self-improvement opportunities to its members.

In addition to Smart Home Choice, Gary is the owner of a private investment company called Deep Pockets and most recently has joined in a partnership of ownership of a real estate brokerage; Our Neighbourhood Realty. Gary attributes his success to his focus on improving his mindset, rather than improving his skillset and most importantly discovering his “why”. He is also dedicated to helping others realize their “why”, because that is the realization that led Gary to where he is today.

In our wide-ranging conversation, Gary shares:

How and why he got started in real estate investing The moment that had him saying “never again will I allow someone to be in control of my financial freedom or future” Why outpacing inflation requires more than having a job His process and mindset shifts around moving from employee to investor and business owner The importance of following mentors when making life changes How he built his real estate investing portfolio, including strategies used Why you don’t need the money to build a portfolio! Reaching the “I don’t need any more” point The many ways you can make a return in real estate How to intentionally design a lifestyle using real estate investing Where most investors get stuck Shifting investing strategies over time to get what he wanted from his real estate investing as priorities changed His 3 points of guidance for anyone looking to get started in real estate“Being able to design a lifestyle of your choice is not an easy feat, however it’s attainable as long as you have passion and know what your ‘why’ is”. – Gary Hibbert

To connect with Gary further you can find him in the following places and spaces:

Website www.smarthomechoice.ca

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/smarthomechoice/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/garyhibbert/

Real Talk with Gary (Gary’s Podcast) – https://apple.co/2UvRI3s

Investing Where You DON’T Live and Achieving the Time-Freedom Point through Passive Income with Axel Meierhoefer

Axel Meierhoefer

Joining us on this episode of the RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast is former Air Force Pilot, current Consultant, and Turnkey Real Estate Investor Axel Meierhoefer

Axel was born in Germany and now calls San Diego, CA home. After serving in the Air Force for over 2 decades as an aviator and instructor, he started his consulting company in 2005. As a new business owner, he quickly realized that nobody hands you a retirement plan if you’re running your own company, so he started looking for ways to secure his financial future and discovered real estate investing.

Having established his preferred real estate investing method through studying and diligence, and applying his analytical nature, Axel now mentors people who want to start their investing journey using similar strategies to what has worked for him.

In our conversation together we cover:

Axel’s pre-real estate background: flying fighter jets in the Air Force The translatable skills taken from the Air Force, applied to Real Estate Investing Knowing and mastering the fundamentals so you can notice the differences that matter Why Axel started investing in real estate How to become a turnkey “out-of-state” (or out-of-province) real estate investor, and why it makes sense for Axel over other real estate investing options What is a turnkey real estate investment provider? Developing the relationships you need to build your team What qualifies as a “performing” real estate investment for that meets Axel’s criteria Explaining the qualifying process for a property What is the Time Freedom Point and how long on average does it take to get there? Using equity in your own home to build your investment portfolio The greatest challenge facing would-be investors looking to get started Why Axel is so passionate about his role as a real estate investor and home owner Structuring the time spent on real estate investing activities versus your primary income generator A couple of quality book recommendations Personality based persuasion methods to help encourage people to improve their lives through investing

Many thanks to Axel for joining us on the show! To find out more about Axel you can find him through his Ideal Wealth Grower Platform at:


FB: idealwealthgrower

IG: @idealwealthgrower

Twitter: IdealGrower

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ideal-wealth-grower/

YouTube: Ideal Wealth Grower

Additional Resources and Links:

Get your FREE Mindset Manual from Axel

Click here: https://idealwealthgrower.com/free/

And watch the series of videos on how to use your Mindset Manual


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

The RevNYou with Real Estate Team
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