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RESULTS: Time Management

Thank you for taking the time to complete our RevNYou with Real Estate Quiz! We’re glad you are here and are excited that you are interested in developing your real estate investing knowledge and skills.

We also recognize – as indicated by the result of your quiz – that it can be hard to find the time needed to learn a new subject of interest. With so much vying for our attention, responsibilities that must be tended to, and previous commitments we’ve made, it can sometimes feel like we have no time left for anything else (even if it’s something that we WANT to do)!

We may not have met in person yet (though we hope to do so soon!) but if we were to have a serious conversation with each other about how you spend your time each day, would you honestly tell us you have no time to do the things you want to do – including learning how to invest in real estate?

Take a quick inventory, right now, of how you typically spend your time each day. Are there moments where it could be argued you are spending your time on low return activities like excessive TV watching, playing video games, or scrolling through your cell phone?

Are there times where you are doing another activity, like transiting to or from work/school, waiting for the kids to finish soccer practice, or working out, where you could be listening to a podcast, watching an educational video, or studying a real estate investor program?

Whatever the case may be it is likely that there are opportunities within your current day where you could allocate some time and attention to investing in yourself. Investing time to learn the skills you need in order to reach your financial goals and lead a life you want to live is well worth the effort.

Here are some suggested ways to take advantage of the time you have available to move in the direction of becoming the real estate investor you desire:

Podcast & Play – Plug in the RevNyou with Real Estate RevNyou with Real Estate Podcast for your morning/afternoon commute or while out for a run to learn from interviews with real estate investors in all walks of life as well as specific educational episodes.

YouTube On The Go – Subscribe to the RevNyou with Real Estate YouTube channel  and instead of scrolling through your phone aimlessly, make use of that little handheld device and catch a video or two from our massive archive of videos. Check out the investor playlists for videos related to focused topics of the real estate investing world.

Replace Low ROI Activities with High ROI Activities – Arguably the single-biggest shifts in our success, in all areas of life, has come as the result of removing low return-on-investment activities and replacing them with high return-on-investment ones. This means one less 30-minute TV episode traded for 30-minutes of study time. It means one less night out at the pub traded for an evening of networking with others at a local investor meet-up. Trade-offs like these, made consistently over time, will improve the quality of your real estate investing results drastically.

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