Real Estate Investment Quiz

RESULTS: Raising Money

Whether you are just starting out in real estate, or are an experienced investor already, you will need capital to fund your deals.

“But what about those NO MONEY DOWN seminars I’ve been hearing about? Can’t you buy real estate for nothing?”

Good question! The truth in real estate investing is that there isn’t a true no money down option. What this really means is it’s not your own money. Just because you DO need capital to invest in real estate DOESN’T mean it has to be your money – therein lies where the no money down concept comes from.

This then raises the question, “So, how do I fund my deals?”

If you aren’t planning on using your own capital to fund your deals, or have run out of personal capital to continue to grow your portfolio, you’re going to need to become a knowledgeable real estate investor and will need to learn how to raise money to fund your investment career.

Within our Real Estate Achievement Program in our RevNYou School, we offer a joint venture and raising money section, providing you with what you need to know in order to attract, obtain, and secure the capital you need to fund your deals

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