Growing a Multi-Family Real Estate Investing Business with BV&Co. Founder Ray Vozza

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Welcome to another edition of The RevNYou with Real Estate Podcast!

In this episode, host Doug Meyers sits down with Multi-Family investor and Founder of BV&Co., Ray Vozza.

BV&Co. Inc. was founded in 2018 after Ray and wife Jo had their second child.  In the words of the founders: ” We built it in order to create a life that would combine two of our goals:  help people move towards financial security through real estate and also create a lifestyle for ourselves where we can be more present in our children’s lives.  We are real estate investors who build relationships, opportunities and investments for busy people who want to reap the rewards of real estate but don’t have the time.  We have a team of experts who focus specifically on real estate investments, including lawyers, accountants and agents.”

No doubt Ray and the team at BV&Co. have hit the ground running since joining a real estate investing network in 2018. They’ve grown their portfolio from 0 to 55 units since getting started and have focused on multi-family properties in the markets of Barrie, Orillia, and Kingston to get there.

After opening up the conversation discussing the origin story of Ray’s real estate investing pursuits, our conversation turns granular on the details of multi-family investing. For anyone who is interested in this asset class, this will be a great episode to take notes on as Ray shares his insights on:

Seeking out mentors in the space Asking for help and taking action with other active investors already executing multi-family investments Deal structuring for multi-family Understanding acquisition costs for apartments and how this differs from residential real estate investments The conditional periods and due diligence required on multi-family investments Differences between residential and multi-family real estate

Thank you to Ray for carving out some time to come on the show!

To find out more about Ray and BV&CO., connect with them in the following places:

Website: www.bvco.ca

E-mail:    Info@bvco.ca

Linktree:   https://linktr.ee/bvco

Do you have questions you’d like to ask the RevNYou with Real Estate team? Send your questions in to info@revnyou.com and we’ll be sure to answer them on a future show.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team


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YXE Real Estate Group Founder Michael Bugg

Michael Bugg

YXE Real Estate Group Founder Michael Bugg

Using Real Estate to Leave his Full-Time Job & Multi-family Investing


Michael Bugg is a full time Real Estate Investor based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He began buying properties in 2010 while working full time as a Veterinarian. Over the years, as Michael expanded his buy and hold real estate portfolio, he continued to cut down on the amount of time he spent working as a Veterinarian. In July of 2018, he officially hung up his stethoscope to focus full time on real estate investing. One of Michael’s greatest passions is helping others take control of their financial future through real estate investing. He is currently launching several initiatives to help the Veterinary community lead more balanced and purposeful lives. He believes that real estate investing is really just the start of the journey; it’s more about the impact you can have on people’s lives.

In our conversation, Michael and I discuss:

How he got started in real estate investing The early days of building his portfolio while working full-time as veterinarian The day he realized he was DONE working as an employee! How he moved from being a full-time employee to a full-time real estate investor entrepreneur The importance of having a support team in making the jump  Hiring and working with a coach, and why it was the right move for him Tactical real estate conversations around multi-family apartment investing What are the similarities, and difference, between multi-family investing and single-family investing Michael’s tips for any real estate investor who wants to grow their knowledge and portfolio Michaels’ risks & rewards that he believes every real estate investor should be aware of

Enjoy this educational, engaging conversation with the genuine founder of YXE Real Estate Group: Michael Bugg.

Connect with Michael in the following ways:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YXERealEstateGroup/

Direct: mike@yxerealestategroup.com


Questions, comments, feedback, or just want to get in touch? Send us an e-mail below.

Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou With Real Estate Community!
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