Rent-to-Own Experts Kyle Barth & Dave Shymko of KD Properties on how to invest with RTOs

Regina’s Rent-to-Own Experts Kyle Barth and Dave Shymko of KD Properties get us back on the interview train for 2021 with this great conversation focused on the ins and outs of the rent-to-own investing strategy.

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Kyle and Dave found a passion for real estate when they took on their first house renovation project together. They enjoyed working with real estate so much that KD Properties was born.

In our conversation we cover the groundwork and foundations of how they do business in their target market of Regina, SK, and how if you’re interested in the rent-to-own strategy what you need to know in order to execute it effectively.

Educational talking points include:

What IS a rent-to-own? Understanding the 3 groups that are being served in an RTO deal: Buyers, Sellers and Investors Why, and who, is an RTO right for?  What are the benefits to each group involved Why KD Properties chose to focus on RTOs over other strategies of real estate investing The risks involved in rent-to-own deals What’s in-store for 2021 for Kyle and Dave!

Thank you to both Kyle and Dave for taking the time to come on the show and share their knowledge with us!

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Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

– The RevNYou with Real Estate Team


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