Simple Model for Buying Rental Properties

Oh glorious summer! It has arrived early or at least a taste of it has arrived early. I’m getting out to enjoy it as much as I can. But I’m still finding time to keep an eye out for properties that fit our model. In fact, I looked at one yesterday and we’re running the numbers to see if we want to make an offer.

But do you know what makes a great potential rental property? It is certainly not a sign on the listing that says “Investor Alert”, nor is it’s income only.

Our model for buying rental properties is to only buy ones with a CAUSE.

But what does that mean? Dave’s going to explain it to you:

Knowing exactly what you’re looking for when you pick an area and choose a property is key. You may want to target students or seniors so your criteria will be different – but getting clear on your model and focusing will make every deal you do better, more profitable and probably easier too!

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