Supplementing your Portfolio using Stock Options with Cody Yeh

Are you in that challenging position many mid-stage real estate investors find themselves in, where you’ve got a number of properties in the portfolio, but not enough cashflow to fund your lifestyle?

This is a common challenge for investors who have built portfolios in markets where, due to higher prices, cashflow on a per property basis is lower.

So what do you do to create cashflow for today without having to liquidate a property and put a dent in your long-term wealth building plans?

Enter Cody Yeh, a former full-time project manager and engineer at Honda, who supplemented his job income and real estate portfolio returns by learning to become a stock options investor. The skills he learned over a period of time allowed him to quit his job at the beginning of 2020, while also allowing him to keep his real estate investments for building long-term wealth and earn income for today.

In this conversation you’ll see how real estate and stock options investing can be worked in tandem to create the best of both worlds: cashflow today and wealth tomorrow.

Talking points include:

Why Cody started investing in real estate. What led to trading stock options after starting out with day trading. How stock options connect to real estate investing and why investors should care. What is a stock option? Real estate investors can’t eat equity, so if there’s not enough cash flow from the portfolio, where’s the money coming from? How trading stock options complements the wealth building aspects of long-term real estate investing. Why trade stock options as opposed to trade stocks (and what’s the difference) Being the “insurance”.  What happens if your option gets exercised. Expected cashflow returns of trading options.  Translatable skills between real estate investing and options trading. How to create scalable risks and returns. How to get started. The most common ways people screw options up: fear, greed, and lack of diligence.

Thank you to Cody for joining us on the show. If you want to learn more about Cody, stock options, and his options training courses, visit:





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