Words with Magical Persuasion Powers

Words with Magical Persuasion PowersI’m about to ruin the good thing I’ve got going with my husband Dave. Yes, all in the name of sharing and helping you, I am going to burst the blissful bubble Dave is living in.

I’ve got him under a spell. I’ve been using magical words on him for weeks and it’s been amazingly effective. Take this for example:
Before you do the dishes, let’s take Bram for a swim.
Like magic, he does the dishes when we return.
It’s probably your ability to be so flexible that allows you to make the best of any situation.
Like magic, what would have been an ugly scene turns into something we laugh about.
These are phrases with magical powers.
These phrases can be used in just about any situation where you want someone else to do something, but you don’t want to demand it of them. In other words: where you want to covertly convince them to do what you want.
Of course, you’re going to use these magical words for good not evil– which is why I can comfortably share them. I know that you’d never try to convince somebody to do something that is NOT in their best interests.
I don’t really understand WHY they work … but they work more than they don’t. I’ve been testing them after spending quite a bit of time reading and handful of books on persuasion. The most useful book I’ve read on this subject lately is ‘Covert Persuasion’ by Kevin Hogan and James Speakman and I owe them credit for most of these phrases. 
So … here’s five magical phrases put into a real estate context to help you see how you’ll use them:
  1. You don’t have to decide now” <to a tenant considering renting from you – something about this phrase actually makes them want to decide now>
  2. What is it that helps you know whether you want to invest in real estate now or wait awhile?”<to a prospective joint venture partner to understand their decision strategy and learn more about how you can help them with your deal>
  3. If you could have the perfect investment deal, what would it be like?”<to a prospective investor – equity or debt – to give you a clear picture of what they want AND to get them thinking and imagining about what they are looking for>
  4. I don’t know if signing the lease now is what you want to do” <again, to a tenant who is waffling on signing the lease>
  5. Why is it that some people can easily see a good deal while it eludes others?”<you could say this to a seller or buyer or potential investor>

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to this than just the words you use. You have to be congruent with them (your body and tone have to match the words) and you have to use them in the right situations … but test them out. Maybe you’ll find your children picking up their toys or your spouse buying fewer shoes or taking out the trash without an argument. Or, just maybe, you’ll find some words that make real estate investing just a little bit easier! Whatever you do, I hope you benefit from this because I’ve ruined the magical powers I have on Dave just for you. :)

CREDIT for these phrases goes to the book Covert Persuasion by Kevin Hogan & James Speakman. If you want to learn more about HOW to use these phrases and dozens of other covert persuasion techniques pick up a copy of this great book. 

Published September 13, 2011

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