How to Use RRSP Mortgages to Finance Your Real Estate Investments

Do you want to access a massive amount of money to fund your deals?

I believe this is the largest untapped source of funds available to us because very few people actually know this option exists.

It doesn’t always make sense for you to use RRSP funds to finance your deals, but it can be a fantastic option for you.

Master this and you’ll always be able to find the funds for your deals. A mortgage can be held in a self directed RRSP account and when you tell your potential investors this they just might be surprised to find out they could be making money like a bank with funds in their RRSP account. With no management fees or advisor commissions to pay, RRSP holders could be making a stable and predictable 6, 7, even 10% or more return on their money inside their RRSP.

How many people do you know that have delayed retirement plans because of a sudden dip in their retirement funds thanks to a swing in the markets? When holding a debt obligation in your RRSP fund you have a lot more control over the risk, you have a say in the return you get, and you actually have recourse if you aren’t making the return you were promised.

Today, Dave’s put together a couple of videos to help you understand how to use RRSP mortgages to fund your investments.

7 Steps to Use RRSP Mortgages to Finance Your Real Estate Investments

Now that you have an idea of how they work, here’s when you might want to use them and how much you will likely have to pay a lender if you borrow their RRSP funds.

When To Use RRSP Mortgages

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