Student Rental Investing – 7 Tips for Success Webinar Replay

student rental investingStudent Rental Investing can be a great cash flow generator for real estate investors but it does come with additional hassles you don’t have to deal with on normal rentals. Is the cash flow worth it, and what steps can you take to reduce the hassles?

In this webinar with up and coming Student Rental Investing expert Tim Collins of StudentRentalInvesting.com, we explored many topics around investing in student rentals, including:

  • >> Should you have one lease per room or one lease for the property?
  • >> How do you find the right tenants?
  • >> Where is the best location for a student rental?
  • >> How do you keep the property clean and maintained?
  • >> If you have issues with damage or eviction, what is the best way to handle those?
  • >> Students typically don’t have credit, so how do you screen them?
  • >> When do you advertise and what is the best way to market your rental? (You also might want to check out How to Write a Rental Ad that Works)


We covered these questions and dozens of others in this 110 minute webinar on Student Rental Investing. Grab a coffee, a pen and paper and enjoy!


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