Real Estate Investing Lessons Learned

Real Estate Investing Lessons Learned Happy BirthdayToday we simply want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your support, for your constructive feedback, your time and your attention.

We’re sending you our thanks because without you we wouldn’t be celebrating the 4 Year Anniversary of our newsletter. On this day in 2006 we sent out our first Rev N You with Real Estate newsletter. That email went out to less than 100 family and friends. We didn’t have a website or a blog. We just wanted to share our stories to help our friends and family profit from real estate and avoid making some of the same mistakes we’d made.

Our newsletter grew slowly and steadily at first. Without a website the only way people could sign up is to email us or get the newsletter from a friend. But in late 2007 Julie took a course from Early to Rise that helped her make our Rev N You hobby our Rev N You business. With their help she set up a website and in a very short time our newsletter that was going out to only a few hundred people was now reaching thousands.

To celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary we decided to ask our 12 Months to $1 Million members to speak for us. We had a little contest where each member could submit“The Single Biggest Thing I’ve Learned From Rev N You”.

Seeing what others take away can help you learn, and, honestly, it made us feel good!! You see, some days the only emails we get are from people who are angry at the world, down on their luck or just plain frustrated. And that is ok – we want to help and people who are in a tough place are definitely in need of a helping hand – but sometimes its just really nice for us to hear how we have already helped someone! And to know that we’re benefiting others with the effort, time and money we invest into Rev N You. Actually, it’s not just nice, it’s really wonderful!! It inspires us … and we hope by sharing these stories from our members, it inspires you too!

So today … please allow your fellow Rev N You readers to share their lessons with you. And please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for you!!

Best wishes,
Julie Broad & Dave Peniuk

The Single Biggest Thing I’ve Learned
from Rev N You

From the entries we received by midnight on April 15th we randomly selected 3 winners to receive prizes … but one of our prizes really needed to go to a US resident so we ended up selecting 4 winners. Below are the 4 winners & the prizes they will receive.

Real Estate Investing Lessons Learned by PatrickOne thing I have truly appreciated about Dave and Julie is that they do not make big promises about making you a lot of money overnight. We have all seen those infomercials that try to sell you success overnight and attended those high pressure Real Estate Investing seminars that sales gurus guilt you in to buying. Dave and Julie are nothing like them, these are down to earth people, very humble and I can tell have a true desire to share what they have learned. I have been a member of their 12 months to a Million program for only a few weeks and I must say that I have learned a lot. Their conference calls allow everyone to ask their biggest questions and if they don’t have the answer they know where to find it. They have helped me find the answers to some significant concerns I had with lease to own investments in Canada and showed us who they learned their strategies from.

REI can be tough, it’s filled with many unscrupulous people I would like to think Dave and Julie are the some of the very few that have a genuine interest in helping others succeed.
~ Patrick, Toronto, ON, Canada

Patrick was the first name out of our hat and he wins a full scholarship to our Real Estate Millionaire 52 Weeks Program! Congratulations and thank you Patrick!!

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Real estate investing lesson learned by Merron in CalgaryThe single biggest thing I’ve learnt from Rev N You is whenever you are getting frustrated step back, look at the fundamentals of what you are doing, and then everything else gets easier. Stick with it, do good marketing research, stay focused and you will find the awesome deals.
~ Merron, Calgary, AB, Canada

Second place was supposed to be a copy of Dustin Matthews Business Credit Infusion, however that prize is best suited to a US resident so we decided to award Merron with a full scholarship to the Real Estate Millionaire program as well. Congratulations and thank you Merron!

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Brady Real Estate Investing Lessons LearnedThe pattern I see with Rev N You is consistency, quality, and humility. I’ve been following along with the blog for a while and treading cautiously as I’ve spent most of my savings on courses from “gurus” and utilizing a strategy taught to me through one course, I used my credit cards to purchase the courses. Whoops, should have looked deeper into the company before spending a small fortune, especially on credit. Suffice to say, in one intense year of courses and trainings, I managed to do not one single deal.

Paralyzed by too much information and totally frozen as I watched my credit card statement increase. In January 2010, I decided that it was time I did something different and rather than pay thousands of dollars for a personal mentor, as I couldn’t afford it now and my wife would never let me, I begged her for permission to subscribe to 12 Months to $1Million. She let me. I started listening to webinars, phone calls, reading blog posts, whatever I could do to support me bringing us a cheque. I’m happy to say that it paid off, I completed my first deal (Assignment) since I decided to become a real estate investor! And I credit Rev N You for pointing out that due diligence is so important because no matter how many times I heard that elsewhere, it wasn’t until Rev N You said it, and wrote about it, that I truly got it.
~Brady, Parksville, BC, Canada

Well Brady … looks like you can tell your wife you’ve got 6 months of free access to our 12 Months to $1 Million club because we selected your name for that prize! Congratulations and thank you!!

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Real Estate Investing Lessons Learned by CraigI have learned that in this business, it does take work, diligence, and making mistakes every now and then. They have shown me that ALL deals are different, and everything can change. I have learned to look at deals from all angles and situations, and know that I have different approaches to ANY deal, and to see what will work, and what WILL work another way, And, when to walk away from the not so good ones. With all that said, I think the Single Biggest Thing that I have Learned from working with Rev N You, is to get educated on your area where you are, and ALWAYS do your homework as to what is going on around you in the neighborhood, ask questions, talk to neighbors, and not to get emotional over a property and, You will succeed in this business, as long as you keep moving forward and educating yourself … I guess that is a FEW different things, but, I have learned SO much from Julie and Dave, I could go on and on !!!

Even in Sunny Florida, where I am !!!
~ Craig, Palm Harbor, FL, USA

We had this prize just for a US resident so we put our US entries into a hat and selected a winner … Craig was the lucky winner of Dustin Matthew’s Business Credit Infusion… a system to help entrepreneurs get business lines of credit and expand their business. There is a ton of great information in this program!! Enjoy Craig … and thank you Dustin for sending us the program to share with one of our readers.

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Published on April 17th, 2010

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