How to Find Under Market Real Estate Deals

 Teleclass with Julie Broad and Dave Peniuk

In this call Julie and Dave will show you how you can make 2011 the year where you take a gigantic step forward towards transforming your financial future … and how you can do this with just two deals.

This call is all about how two under market real estate deals can put $500 more in your pocket each month, get you a $5,000 pay day, and increase your net worth by up to $50,000! And they will give you a simple 3 step process to get that started.

Specifically, in this call they will share:

  • Examples from two average deals Julie and Dave did in 2010 that put more than $500 in their pocket each month, gave them close to a $5,000 pay day, and added to their net worth by $50,000.
  • Three steps to find under market real estate deals like the two they share,
  • How you can do these two deals even if you have less than a few thousand dollars to invest,
  • Plus they will invite you to apply for a complimentary one on one strategy session (but you’ll have to listen to get those details because they only have a limited amount of time to offer those!!).

Download the MP3 on how to find undermarket real estate deals

**We had a few technical difficulties with the recording … please wait 10 seconds or so while it loads!**

Published January 2nd, 2011

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