State of the Mortgage Market in Canada

Conventional financing options for getting a mortgage on a real estate investment have been drastically reduced this month. Variable mortgages are suddenly expensive, 40 year amortizations are gone, and insured no money down deals have been removed. It’s a challenging market for home buyers and real estate investors, and the headlines in the media are so confusing. We wanted to get to the bottom of the market, and get the answers to our questions.


Part 1:What is the state of the mortgage market in Canada right now?

Part 2:I’m a real estate investor, what tips can you give me for getting bank financing and what impact has the removal of insured 40 year amortization mortgages and no money deals had on the mortgage market?

Part 3:Can I get financing for a property I’ve purchased inside of a corporation?

Part 4:What are the best financing options for a Canadian buying property in the U.S.? What about an American buying property in Canada?

Part 5:Is now a good time buy a real estate investment? What does the real estate market look like right now?

Cindy Faulkner of Meridian Coastal Mortgages spent several hours with us explaining the market and what is happening. Listen as Dave Peniuk (of Rev N You) asks Cindy for her insights and find out what mortgage Cindy recommends you get in right now if you’re an investor or someone buying your family home.

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