Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Private Lending with Marinella Nicolosi

“I wanted to do private lending because it fit with my lifestyle.”

Originally from Italy, Marinella Nicolosi moved to Canada in 1996 at the age of 26. Along with being a proud mother of two, she spends her spare time doing things she loves such as cooking, listening to music, walks in nature, interior design and real estate investments. Her interest in art/design started in college where she majored in both Fashion Design and Staging.

Because of her background she had numerous translatable skills to bring to her real estate investments, which have included successfully renovating and selling previous primary residences at major profits.

In 2019 she started focusing on private lending deals which allowed her to maintain her lifestyle while meeting her goals and simultaneously creating new ones for her bright future.

Marinella now has a wealth of experience in the private lending space, and she wants to help other’s get started in lending by understanding how to be a smart private lender.

After getting to know Marinella, our conversation focuses on all things private lending including:

What private lending is Why most people have never heard of private lending Reasons why borrowers would be interested in using private funds for real estate investments What holds people back from becoming a private lender What kind of returns you can expect from different types of private lending investments Understanding the real risks and rewards of private lending What private lenders need to do in terms of DUE DILIGENCE on both potential borrowers and lending opportunities  Marinella’s due diligence process – ALL POTENTIAL PRIVATE LENDERS NEED TO HEAR THIS! What to do if you are lending to a corporation Items to include in your agreements to protect your money and yourself How to source quality opportunities to lend your money Identifying red flags to avoid potential troubles Who private lending is for

Big thank you to Marinella for joining us on the show and sharing her knowledge on this topic! If you enjoyed the show and would like to get in touch with Marinella you can find her on Facebook where she is quite active or via e-mail to:


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the RevNYou with Real Estate community!

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