What It’s Like to Build a 350+ Unit Portfolio in 4.5 Years with Jamie and Leslie Collard, Founders of Collard Properties

Jamie and Leslie Collard are a husband and wife team who have spent the last few years building financial freedom through real estate acquisitions.

In 2016, they decided it was time to take control of their future and began creating the life they dreamed of after realizing their financial future was in jeopardy.

They decided to delve into the real estate world by soaking up all there is to know about property acquisitions, private lending and investing through registered funds such as RRSP’s, TSFA’s, etc.

Starting with their first investing in 2017, in only two short (and very busy) years, they developed a portfolio of over 50 rental units which has grown to its current size of 350 units and counting!

Throughout their journey, they have become passionate about sharing with others how they use real estate to build wealth. As true believers that everyone can achieve the same success that they have, they decided they wanted to show people how they did it, so they’ve hosted events, offered coaching programs, and appeared on plenty of shows like this!

In our conversation with the Collard’s we dive into:

The Collard’s real estate investing origin story Where they’ve invested in building a portfolio now with over 350 units  Why they got started in real estate investing How their goals in real estate changed after getting some focused education in investing What it really looks like to build a 350 unit portfolio in 4.5 years . . . the price to be paid not for everyone The importance of building your team and vetting quality team members in order to scale with speed Becoming aware of what you need to see (and have) in order to push forward through obstacles and discomfort What it’s like to transition to using other people’s money to build your portfolio Developing the confidence to bring on investors and lenders in order to grow How long does it actually take, and how much work it takes, to find and vet a good deal What all is included in the Collard’s portfolio and how do they manage it all? What investing strategies they use in different markets to maximize returns Handling the stresses that come with having a lot of business activities on the go, and what they’re doing to improve things Investing in coaching and only working with people who are willing to teach them The future of real estate for Jamie and Leslie

Thank you to Jamie and Leslie for joining us on the show. If you’d like to get in touch with, or find out more about The Collard’s you can find them in the following places:


FB: Collard Properties


Thank you for listening and we look forward to welcoming you to the Rev N You with Real Estate community!

– The Rev N You with Real Estate Team

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