Your Private Money Questions Answered

From Patrick Riddle of MustKnowInvesting.com and Private Money Blueprint

Listen as Private Money expert Patrick Riddle answers three Rev N You readers questions about private money, including:

  • “I received an email from a guru that claims he never goes to a bank and gets 0% interest loans routinely. Is this for real? How did he do that??”
  • How many private investors do you keep in the wings on a deal, in case some drop out or decide on other projects??
  • If you could take the fundamentals of getting private money and simplify them into 4 short steps what would those be?
  • I do not know people with money, and I am not comfortable talking to people I don’t know about money. How can I find private money?

For more private money tips, stories and tactics, check out Patricks blog: http://www.mustknowinvesting.com/

Posted on May 8th, 2009

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